10 Popular Mobile Apps That Are Built Using Xamarin


Although the platform is growing its following fueled by the support from Microsoft. With Xamarin, your solution gets native-level app functionality. It eliminates all hardware compatibility issues, using plugins and specific APIs, to work with common devices functionality across the platforms. Along with the access to platform-specific APIs, Xamarin supports linking with native libraries.

As you already know, mobile apps work best when they’re designed with a particular type of device in mind. I am usingUWP project for testing and remote urls for resources.

In other cases you could decople a Android/iOS project from main project and work with it separately. Although hybrid mobile development tools are evolving quickly, they still lack the performance and native capabilities that Xamarin offers at roughly the same cost. However, the latter tends to lose due to a number of restrictions in the underlying technologies (web stack). Both Xamarin.iOS/Android and especially Xamarin.Forms after so many years on the market raise complaints about stability, bugs, and crashes.

Flutter allows building high-level performance apps that are similar to native ones. In Flutter, the whole app (not just the UI) is compiled using the C/C++ library.

Dart is a bit simpler than Kotlin, the latter being more of a Android apps developers’ Swiss army knife. Kotlin improves native development with a number of syntactic treats and advanced asynchrony options with coroutines. React Native is a free tool you can use for building tablet/phone IOS or Droid applications. On the other hand, You need to spend for Xamarin as its free version is lacking worth for enterprises. But if you are a C# expert then Xamarin would be the best choice as it allows you create iOS and Android apps using C#.

But Microsoft .NET was also getting more relevant each year. We’ve worked with Xamarin for years, all my colleagues are burnt out on the horrible development experience. Xamarin Forms still has some proponents for really simple apps, but everyone else is glad to go back to native development. It still uses the native control for each platform, but Xamarin.Forms only exposes controls that have equivalents on all platforms – so no floating action button for Android. However, you can use Xamarin.Android within your Forms app to draw one of these on the screen, because you have all of the native APIs available.

Altexsoft Applies Xamarin Best Practices To Bridge The Gap Between Ios And Android In Sports Industry

I wanted to expand to macOS and potentially iOS, and at this point, I didn’t want to have to add two new versions of UI for these platforms. Handling UI and events between WPF and Android was taking me long enough already.

On July 17, 2013 Xamarin announced that they had closed $16 million in Series B funding led by Lead Edge Capital. Several investors from their Series A funding also participated, including Charles River Ventures, Floodgate, and Ignition Partners. On August 21, 2014 Xamarin successfully closed an additional $54 million in Series C funding, which is one of the largest rounds of funding ever raised by a mobile app development platform. Realm collects anonymous analytics when you run the Realm assembly weaver on your assemblies containing RealmObject classes.

But, React Native and Xamarin addresses these problems as they proved to be powerful tools to reach this goal i.e. to develop one application both for iOS and Android. Xamarin is the recommended application to write multiplatform applications without having to code twice. Ideal for developers who work with the application and dominate .NET which will work very well.

Is xamarin good for app development?

React Native Vs Xamarin: Performance Xamarin allows developers to run the fastest code on both iOS and Android. It fully supports 64-bit mode and also provides fastest UI as it allows to use native tools directly. In case of React Native, it doesn’t support 64-bit mode on Android.


Flutter allows AOT compilation and an extremely useful hot reload feature, both of which speed up the development cycle. https://itstep.org/.Forms and Xamarin.iOS apps are AOT compiled, but Android apps’ compilation takes more time with Xamarin.

You can find useful advice on how to make your Flutter app’s performance better here. In https://deveducation.com/, you can bind any native libraries and access all the necessary platform-specific features. And when developing apps for iOS, you can use the Objective Sharpie, a tool that generates some of the API definitions for you.

  • Because if it doesn’t, then choosing this approach to mobile application development is a bit pointless.
  • But you have to keep in mind that Xamarin suites apps with simple UI.
  • It provides extensive documentation along with the ability to create new UI components.
  • Which doesn’t differ much from building two separate native apps since there’s not much code shared between platforms.
  • Xamarin is an established cross-platform SDK with well-developed UI components to fit each platform.
  • Mobile applications with heavy graphics and complex animations require tons of UI customization for each platform.

Can you make mobile apps with C#?

When it comes to developing Xamarin, you have 3 main IDE choices. Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio for Mac, or Rider. Visual Studio for both Windows and macOS supports Xamarin for free; you only require the Community edition.

It guarantees performance that’s close to native since it uses neither Webview nor native device API. Flutter’s engine is efficient and утігкуі fast performance and rendering.

Using Xamarin, on the other hand, means working with Visual Studio only. It does limit you in your IDE choice, but Visual Studio has lots of different tools packed inside it.

Quick build time is an advantage where anyone with less duration can choose this. During my PhD in Architectural Engineering I was quite involved with programming. I used C++ with the promise xamarin of working cross-platform, since I wanted to support Windows, OSX and Linux. At that time, Qt was probably one of the options for native applications, which for me was essential.

Is flutter better than xamarin?

All in all, the apparent winner in the Flutter vs Xamarin battle is Flutter. Although the framework is young, it’s easy to use. It increases development speed and allows creating native-like applications with a high level of performance. On top of that, Flutter is free and has an increasing number of supporters.

It offers powerful solutions for code refactoring and debugging, plus you can preview apps on the go in Visual Studio. Most importantly, Xamarin offers extensive and well-written documentation, which is something that Flutter lacks. Introduced in Xamarin 3 on May 28, 2014 and allows one to use portable controls subsets that are mapped to native controls of Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Microsoft has modified this framework to work with the Universal Windows Platform.

The majority of issues appear with Xamarin.Forms as many developers first embark on this tool to get the most of code-sharing. While Microsoft strives to fix Xamarin.Forms, the tool remains a nice option for prototyping rather than a solid tool for complex apps. Some engineers complain that instead of time-savings with code-sharing you may end up spending more time resolving issues. Xamarin’s main benefit is the ability to share your code across the platforms. Yet, you can only share the logic, UI code will be mostly platform-specific.

This allows for better customization and native-level functionality with little overhead. FreshDirect allows its customers to order from a massive catalog of 15K products , plus SKUs, get some amazing recipe ideas, manufacturer coupons, and more. Tech, gaming, hospitality, media, manufacturing, healthcare! There is hardly an industry that does not believe in the potential of https://deveducation.com/courses/xamarin/ for mobile app development. You got to check out these popular apps that are built using Xamarin.

Plus Kotlins cross platform story is starting to develop into something very promising. I now share code between the server, Android, and the web. Eventually well start migrating parts of our iOS app over to it, once Kotlin native starts to near release. Xamarin has well-developed UI components for many platforms. Flutter, on the other hand, offers a convenient approach to building consistent UI across platforms.

This makes building games, rich custom UI, or complex animations in Xamarin pretty pointless. With a small amount of shared code, Xamarin becomes unviable option. Obviously, the Xamarin community is significantly smaller than those of native iOS or Android. Thus, finding an experienced Xamarin developer could be a challenge.

This is completely anonymous and helps us improve the product by flagging which version of Realm you use and what OS you use, and what we can deprecate support xamarin for. This call does not run when your app is in production, or running on your user’s devices — only when your assemblies are woven by Fody during build.

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