Kudzu Root Reduces Alcohol Consumption

Vitamin B is one of the most important supplements for alcoholics, whether you’re drinking, sober, or trying to get sober. If you’re in recovery from alcohol use disorder, adding this supplement into your diet can help with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and many other issues that might trigger alcohol cravings.

kudzu alcohol addiction

The placebo-treated group opened 33 beers during baseline conditions and 38 following treatment whereas the kudzu-treated group opened 32 beers during baseline conditions and only 21 following treatment. It is not a miracle herb for sobriety but what one can expect is a modest reduction in alcohol intake which is visible within 2-3 weeks of therapy and reduced or no side effects. It can serve as an adjunct therapy and help in reducing or eliminating binge drinking. Researchers from McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School conducted a study to examine whether kudzu extract increases the intoxicating effects of alcohol consumption. Drug Alcohol Dependence, 2015Penetar et.al20 individuals were treated with 2g of kudzu extract 2.5 hours before drinkingIn Kudzu group the consumption reduced from 3.0 to 1.9 beers approximately.

What The Evidence Suggests

The people who received a dose of kudzu extract drank significantly less beer than they usually did. A growing number of double-blind, peer reviewed studies have confirmed the effectiveness of using kudzu for alcoholism. Early research focused on rats with good results, which were later replicated with human subjects. Taking kudzu will not turn an alcoholic into a nondrinker overnight.

  • Ashwagandha is sometimes used for alcohol withdrawal and cravings.
  • Increased alcohol consumption increases the permeability of the intestine and releases endotoxins in the blood.
  • Further, the study highlights the unique inhibition and biochemical pathway in which daidzin is involved, but we will skip those details.
  • If I had been committed to using kudzu to wean off of alcohol and then quit, it might have been a very valuable part of my recovery.
  • That’s a period where you don’t drink so your body can begin recovering.

Penetar DM, MacLean RR, McNeil JF, Lukas SE. Kudzu extract treatment does not increase the intoxicating effects of acute alcohol in human volunteers. Information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional.

Best Supplements For Alcohol Recovery

Never take a new medication for alcohol dependence without consulting a doctor first. Prescription medications to help someone stop drinking are Topiramate, Naltrexone, Acamprosate and Antabuse. A small case report involving 16 people with frequent cluster headaches found that kudzu root reduced headache intensity in 69% of people, frequency in 56%, and duration in 31% . People often eat different parts of the plant raw, sautéed, deep-fried, baked, or jellied. One is that it raises your blood alcohol levels faster, which means you may feel intoxicated sooner. Kudzu may also help heavy drinkers cut the amount of alcohol they consume, even if they are not being treated for AUD.

Ashwagandha is sometimes used for alcohol withdrawal and cravings. In studies with alcohol-addicted mice, ashwagandha seemed to relieve anxiety. More studies would be needed to see if it works the same way in humans.

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Some research specifically on the kudzu species Pueraria mirifica suggests that doses of 50–100 mg per day appear to have a low risk of adverse side effects . Furthermore, it’s likely that the suggested doses for kudzu root will vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of supplement you may be considering. There isn’t much scientific evidence available on the dosing for kudzu root as a supplement. For this reason, it’s difficult to make recommendations for various uses. While kudzu root may offer a few specific benefits, there are also some potential downsides to consider.

Kudzu plant, unlike alcohol medication, produces no effects of its own, does not block the effects of alcohol and does not make people sick if they drink alcohol. As with many other OTC herbal supplements, there’s little convincing evidence that the aforementioned supplements are clinically effective treatments of alcohol dependency. There have been some scientific studies conducted, but a majority involve animal models and show modest findings that rarely translate into conclusive human trials. The primary danger kudzu alcohol addiction of these supplements in those with alcohol dependency is not necessarily knowing the drug—drug interaction potential or side effects. The real danger may be the possible delay in seeking professional help for the dependence. If asked about herbal treatments for a drinking problem, it is advisable to recommend speaking with a professional rather than self-treatment with over-the-counter supplements. Unlike other drugs for alcohol dependence,Antabusedoes not address the symptoms of alcohol cravings in the brain.

  • In its raw form, kudzu root resembles other root tubers, such as potatoes or yams.
  • This amino acid occurs naturally in the body and many protein-rich foods, and is a building block for some of the brain chemicals that regulate anxiety and depression.
  • More clinical trials will need to be conducted to better understand the efficacy of kudzu extracts or synthetic variants for treatment of alcohol dependence.

We are proposing that a novel approach to nutritional supplementation may be required to target the RDS role in alcoholism and glucose homeostasis . Certainly an added stress of attempting to eliminate alcohol usage is the drastic swings in blood sugar, which when occurring may stimulate a stronger desire to drink .

It can be an especially good supplement for people with alcohol-related liver damage. Studies show that glycine is useful in treating both alcoholic hepatitis and carcinoma caused by alcoholic cirrhosis.

Three Best Medications To Help You Stop Drinking

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The researchers found participants who took puerarin drank fewer beers—decreasing from an average of 3.5 beers to 2.4. Sign up now for a weekly digest of the top drug and alcohol news that impacts your work, life and community. Early research suggests that taking a combination supplement containing kudzu isoflavones along with other ingredients might improve exercise performance in some people. Some research suggests that injecting puerarin, a chemical in kudzu, intravenously does not improve vision in people with diabetic retinopathy. Some people use kudzu for menopause symptoms, muscle pain, measles, dysentery, stomach pain , fever, diarrhea, thirst, neck stiffness, and to promote sweating. Other oral uses include treatment of polio myelitis, encephalitis, migraine, deafness, diabetes, and traumatic injuries.

Some health companies sell the kudzu root species Pueraria mirifica as a supplement for menopausal and postmenopausal women. Kudzu root is rich in antioxidants, compounds that protect cells from oxidative stress that can lead to disease.

  • Before you turn your nose up, check out the incredible health benefits of these and seven more unusual ingredients.
  • Soy is considered one of the eight major food allergens, with albumin, globulin, and prolamin proteins being its primary allergenic constituents in sensitive individuals.
  • As we’ve covered recently, nutrition in recovery can play a huge role in helping your system bounce back.
  • A person with alcoholism typically craves alcohol and drinks despite repeated alcohol-related problems, such as multiple drunk-driving violations, job loss, or relationship problems.

Subjects who drink alcohol after taking antabuse become violently ill and too much alcohol mixed with antabuse can be fatal. However, subjects who received kudzu root merely slowed their rate of drinking and consumed less total alcohol per drinking session than they did when receiving a placebo. None of the subjects taking kudzu complained of feeling physically ill.

Another aspect that requires study is what do flower extracts of the herb contain, are they better than root extracts for alcoholism or they could they have a synergistic action. I did not come across any such studies; in case you have, do let me know so that we can update the readers. If opting for isolated puerarin extract, a dose of 1200mg per day is found to be effective in reducing binge drinking. Research suggests that kudzu extract and its active ingredient, puerarin can protect from such gut leakage induced liver damage. Alcoholic fatty liver disease is a common complication of chronic alcohol consumption. Excess alcohol consumption can lead to accumulation of toxic substances which hamper liver function.

Puerarin is also less potent than other parts of the kudzu plant, so it has few side effects and has none of the estrogenic activity found in other components, making it safe for women. It may seem counterintuitive that kudzu plant can work both as a hangover cure and to curb the desire to drink, but the same elements that help ease the physical consequences may push the body to feel alcohol’s effects sooner. They propose that the suppression of alcohol reinforcement produced by kudzu plant compounds is mediated centrally in the brain reward pathway. Purified puerarin another ingredient in Kudzu root was also shown to suppress alcohol intake in the short term as well reducing withdrawal reactions in high ethanol preferring rats. However this effect does not seem to be due a central brain mechanism .

The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. Links to other sites are provided for information only — they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited. About 17 million people in the United States abuse alcohol, and estimates suggest that more than 70 million Americans have faced alcoholism in their families. Alcohol abuse is one of the 4 most common causes of death in the U.S., and it is involved in almost half of all traffic deaths in the U.S.

This pretreatment time was selected based on our pharmacokinetic study of puerarin absorption and elimination (Penetar et al., 2006). However, a few studies also pointed out that the herb increases acetaldehyde levels in the body to increase aversion to alcohol. A study in humans demonstrates that kudzu does not worsen the toxic effects of acute alcohol consumption and it does not lead to acetaldehyde accumulation. Since pre-clinical studies showed that kudzu extracts increased acetaldehyde levels to produce an aversive reaction and toxicity to alcohol, they decided to test this in humans.

Kudzu May Regulate Brain Chemistry To Reduce Alcohol Addiction And Withdrawal Symptoms

“Alcohol-induced increases in dopamine in the nucleus accumbens are prevented by CVT in a dose-dependent manner,” said Diamond. In this recent study, the researchers gave twelve participants different schedules of placebo or kudzu pills, and then observed the effects of drinking a set amount of vodka.

The side effects of detoxification, such as seizures, can be dangerous and life-threatening. Take supplements beyond the recommended daily allowance only under a doctor’s supervision. High doses of vitamin A can damage the liver, and may cause alcoholic liver disease to develop more quickly in people who drink heavily. Because chronic use of alcohol decreases your appetite and keeps your body from absorbing vital nutrients, you may be deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals.

Most people taking Antabuse will vomit if they consume any amount of alcohol. Disulfiram, also known as Antabuse, was the first medication https://ecosoberhouse.com/ approved to treat alcohol dependence. Risk factors for relapse can include environment cues, any mood-altering substance, and stress.

I recently started taking the recommended 1500mg of Planetary Herbal Full Spectrum Kudzu daily. I have fewer and less severe cravings and, when I do drink, I drink much less. You can consume it the very next day/morning after drinking; 1/2 to 1 cup of the tea 30 minutes before a meal or in place of the meal. Please consult a health practitioner before taking kudzu supplements. Rooke et al. have highlighted an intricate mechanism by which daidzin can interrupt alcohol metabolism and at the same time inhibit the metabolism of various neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

In addition to digestion, these receptors promote absorption of nutrients, blood sugar homeostasis, and can even help with weight control. Moreover, specific bitter receptors seem to promote the elimination of absorbed toxins from the gut [22-24]. The researchers next plan to use Magnetic Resonance Imaging to examine the effects of kudzu on how quickly alcohol gets into the brain. Here is a list of 4 natural supplements that are just as effective as pharmaceutical drugs. Scientists need to do more research on the safe and effective dosages of kudzu root for various uses.

They were then given either puerarin or a placebo, and told they should take it each day for a week. They were then given the pill they hadn’t received the first time—either puerarin or a placebo—and told to take it daily for one week. Between drinks, the subjects rested their beer on a scale so researchers could monitor exactly how much they were drinking. They then either took 500 mg kudzu plant capsules three times a day or a placebo for a week and then returned to the lab. After observation, there was a “washout” period and treatments were then reversed – those who had been taking kudzu plant were given a placebo and vice versa. Behavior-observing researchers did not know who had been given what.

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